DMORT Region VIII Training, June 8-10, 2007

Landmark Inn   

Park City, Utah  










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DMORT NTSB SOP Nov 2006.pdf


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Death Investigation--A Guide for the on-scene Investigator


DMORT SOPs--NTSB ACTIVATION Powerpoint presentation by Jim Kramer


WinID Training PowerPoint by Kim Look, D.O.





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United States Department of Health & Human ServicesUnited States Department of Health & Human Services


To the Team:

Once again, thanks to all of you for your commitment to DMORT, your good hardworking attitudes and your friendship. It was good to see all of you who could make it to Park City, and we hope that next year we can see more of you there. During the training, we decided to target June of 2008 for our next training. So keep June open for a little bit, to give us time to nail down a specific date and location. Again, it will depend on funding of course.

It was mentioned at the training that our memorial fund (donations for funerals of team members, etc) was a little low. If you would like to donate to the region 8 memorial fund, then you can send your donations to:

DMORT Region 8 Memorial Fund


Scott Moser
Moser Funeral Service
3501 S. 11th Avenue
Evans, Colorado  80620
970.330.6824 - Tel.
970.330.8188 – Fax

We usually send flowers in the amount of $50.00 (or a directed donation) to the family of members. We appreciate Scott and his good dedication to this effort.

Just an update on national issues.

1)       We will try to coordinate joint training next year with other regions. Don’t know where that will end up, but, we will try it again.

2)       We are trying to nail down a new uniform policy with HHS. You should take off any patches from your BDU’s that say FEMA / DHS.  Makes sense since we aren’t in DHS anymore. Leave everything else on for now.

3)       We are working on a generic morgue protocol for non NTSB deployments.

4)       Not sure when the new badges will show up on those who have completed background check paperwork. But, I saw a reference last week in an update from HQ that talked about new HHS badges. So, we will see what comes of that. Keep in mind, that for those of you who have completed the fingerprinting, when you get the infamous “email,” you will have 5 days to get it back to HHS. Please don’t miss that deadline.


During the training, we discovered that some of the team members are not getting our emails. This is not acceptable. We apologize to any of you who missed the training because you didn’t get the original email (short notice on top of that). We will be duplicating our email lists. This means that sometime in the near future, when Gary sends out an email, you will also get one from Margie LaRocca and possibly myself or Rich. We will try to send out emails once a month or at least once every other month. If you do not get an email from any of us in that time frame, then please contact us. We have to be connected. Sorry.

Keep June 2008 open at this time, if at all possible. We will try to get this issue of next years training resolved in a couple of months.

If you have any pay of financial types of issues, contact Margie.

If you have any updates or changes in your addresses, contact information like phone numbers, or other personnel file kinds of “stuff,” contact Rich Lipich.

Hope you all have a good safe 4th of July.

DMORT 8 Command Staff

Lance, Alan, Julie & Chuck